The aim
Present material of deepened cultural and catechetical reflection on topics and arts involved in the project.
Describe the squares and the cathedrals of the cities involved as communication agencies still capable of expressing their message today.

The recipients
Lovers of beautiful music, who wish to listen consciously and attentively to the many symbolic references that a musical text can develop.
Catechists and educators (parents, religion teachers), who wish to develop formation processes in connection with the events of the project.

Listening guide and deepening
Starting with the repertoire chosen by Maestro Andrea Bocelli, preparatory materials and a listening guide for the pieces performed. This is an opportunity for multifaceted reading of the musical, literary, artistic, Biblical and catechetical associations evoked. The beauty of harmony in fact engenders the desire to explore and discover, through the following headings, the many references that these works bring to mind:

  • The author: biographical outline, his production in relation to the historical period and culture in which he lived.
  • The work: the characteristic features of the work in which the piece is inserted.
  • The lyrics of the piece performed, in the language in which it is sung and in translation
  • The musical commentary contains some elements for decoding the main stylistic characteristics
  • The commentary to the text analyzes the meaning of the lyrics sung
  • The music and the other arts, associating the issues raised in the piece with the arts in the Cathedral and the Square where the event takes place.
  • Actualizations, in which some interpretations of themes in the piece are presented within biblical or ecclesial paths.
  • Cards for catechesis, containing indications on how to conduct formation sessions based on listening to the pieces presented in the event. Each card indicates an explicit objective to be achieved, provides materials, and proposes questions to guide the path of discovery and discussion.



Barcelona, May 28th

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